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Opens external link in new windowIntelligence Analysis - Diploma

Developed in consultation with Australian Government representatives and industry, the Diploma of Intelligence Analysis is the only nationally accredited generic intelligence course currently available in Australia.

This Diploma will assist you to be an innovative and methodical intelligence analyst.

Opens external link in new windowGovernment Investigation - Certificate IV
This specialist qualification covers the generic or core competencies required for working without close supervision in the public sector including the following themes; understanding the business of government, implementing policy and procedure, interacting with clients and valuing diversity, as well as the specialist competencies required to conduct statutory investigations particularly in relation to fraud investigations in the public sector. The specialist units provide participants with the skills, techniques and tools to; monitor data for indicators of fraud, conduct fraud control awareness session, receive and validate data, conduct data analysis, exercise regulatory powers, investigate non-compliance, produce formal record of interview, gather information through interviews, gather and manage evidence, advise on progress of investigations, finalise and report on investigations.

Forensic Investigation: Degree
Graduates of the Bachelor of Applied Science (Forensic Investigation) will possess the scientific knowledge and skills to be able to collect, analyse and interpret forensic evidence and to present that evidence in court.

Computer Forensics - Advanced Diploma
Computer forensic science is the science of acquiring, preserving, retrieving, analysing, interpreting and presenting data in a legal or quasi legal context. This program provides the knowledge and skills to search for and document forensic electronic evidence that may be used in a court of law.

Forensic Investigation - Graduate Diploma
This program delivers the theory and practice of forensic science, the management of forensic evidence and court presentation.