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Powerful spy devices bring menacing stalkers sharply into focus – 19 January 2019

The Nikon P1000 can discreetly capture objects and people kilometres away, beyond the reach of other far more expensive cameras with unwieldy telephoto lenses. Misuse of this technology — from drones to location trackers and CCTV cameras equipped for facial recognition — in everyday life remains an ongoing concern for politicians, lawyers and, in particular, anti-domestic violence workers.

Former Newcastle Knights corporate sales executive Matthew Ninness jailed for maximum of three years for fraud – 18 January 2019

A convicted fraudster who landed his “dream job” as the corporate sales executive of the Newcastle Knights, has been jailed for a maximum of three years, after he defrauded the club of more than $57,000, by “selling” corporate boxes and season tickets to fictitious business owners.

Fraud trial kicks off for former Barclays CEO, who could face 10 years in prison for events around the 2008 financial crisis – 7 January 2019

Former Barclays CEO John Varley is among four defendants on trial for fraud allegations linked to 2008’s global financial crisis. The trial is set to take four months over charges related to the bank’s emergency refinancing arrangements from investors in Qatar during the crisis. It is the first jury trial for a chief executive of a major bank implicated in the crash. There is a possibility of a 10-year prison sentence for the defendants.

How biometric monitoring can impact on your career – 5 January 2019

The world of biometric monitoring – which uses fingerprints, eye scans and other forms of checks to identify people – has opened up many exciting new opportunities for protecting safety and security. However could a “Biometric Mirror” algorithm impact a person’s career and liberty, if it monitors personal characteristics of employees?

‘Just look at Gatwick’: Drone regulations welcomed, but WA Senator calls for ‘deeper’ focus – 31 December 2018

As the Australian government steps up to introduce stricter surveillance of drones, WA senator Glenn Sterle believes there is still a lack of knowledge of airspace restrictions and that these could pose a privacy and national security threat.

Overseas scammers targeting Australian investors – 30 December 2018

Australia’s financial services regulator has warned people to avoid “scammers” connected to Luxembourg Offshore Banking, also known as LUXOSB Limited. ASIC said fraudsters had been contacting people about Luxembourg Offshore Banking and had Pretended to be from ASIC and claimed that withdrawals were being processed or withheld by ASIC.

Ex-guide dogs boss avoids jail after stealing $200,000 to install a pool – 19 December 2018

A Melbourne man has avoided jail after defrauding a guide dogs charity of more than $200,000, so he could renovate his home and install a pool. He submitted false invoices to Guide Dogs Victoria (GDV), where he was a general manager, and misused the organisation’s corporate credit and fuel cards.