Past Presentations


Throughout the year, each chapter holds a number of meetings.  While the format and timing of these meetings varies from chapter to chapter, the common thread is that a quality speaker or speakers will deliver a presentation on a topic relevant to members and guests.  The following are a selection of presentations delivered at these meetings categorised by topic. 

Our most recent conferences have been held in:

  • Melbourne on September 2012
  • Melbourne on September 2014
  • Sydney on September 2016 

Selected content from each of these conferences is given below.

SA 2017

South Australia 2017

SA Chapter 5th Professional Development Seminar (12 October 2017)




AIPI Presentation: 26 September 2017 Jim Cook, ANZ & Malwarebytes
(PDF) Understanding the depth of the Ransomware problem in Small and Mid-sized business in Australia – Jim Cook, ANZ & Malwarebytes

AIPI Presentation: 19 May 2017 Stephen McBurney
(PDF) AIPI Presentation Friday, 19 May 2017 – Stephen McBurney, Chief Examiner

Melbourne 2016


AIPI Presentation 19 August 2016 Scott Mellis AFP
(PDF) Cybercrime Operations – Federal Agent Scott Mellis

AIPI Presentation 27 July 2016 Shane Kirne Commonwealth DPP
(PDF) Reducing Timeframes and Incentivising Self Reporting – Shane Kirne