Past Presentations

Every few years AIPI will hold a National Conference with guest speakers and sponsors. These were held in:

  • Melbourne on September 2012
  • Melbourne on September 2014
  • Sydney on September 2016
  • Melbourne on September 2017

Our next National conference will be held in Melbourne in 2020.

Throughout the year, each chapter holds a number of meetings.  While the format and timing of these meetings varies from chapter to chapter, the common thread is that a quality speaker or speakers will deliver a presentation on a topic relevant to members and guests.  The following are a selection of presentations delivered at these meetings or webinars categorised by topic.

AIPI National Conference – Melbourne – 7 September 2017

Presented by Peter Morris, National President AIPI

Keynote address by: Alastair MacGibbon, Head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre

Download program: PDF file



AIPI Webinar – Stephen Charles – 10 April 2019

Presented by the Honourable Stephen Charles.

Stephen is a former Supreme Court Judge, QC and President of the Australian Bar Association. Stephen will provide his thoughts on:

  • the proposed Commonwealth Integrity Commission
  • the performance of the state corruption agencies
  • public hearings
  • the future for corruption agencies.

Opinion Piece of Briefing Note – A National Integrity Commission: (PDF file)

Comparison Table – How do the proposed federal anti-corruption bodies compare? (PDF file),_8_May_2019_12.34.02_PM.mp4 (video)



SA Chapter Event – Workplace Health and Safety Standard ISO 45001 – 13 March 2019

Presented by Lewis Stratton.

Lewis Stratton

View Presentation Slides:

Webinar – AIPI sets the standard – AIPI contribution to setting Australian and international governance standards – 29 November 2018

Presented by Dean Newlan of AIPI.

View Presentation Slides: Webinar-Presentation-29-November-2018.pptx



NSW Chapter Meeting: Keys to Unlocking the Childs Story – 9 August 2018

Presented by Kerryn Boland.

View Slides/Audio Video:



Webinar – Using the civil courts to obtain recovery for victims of fraud – 14 February 2018

Presented by Andrew Tragardh of the Victorian Bar.

View Presentation Slides: AIPIwebinar-Feb-2018-civil-recoveries-for-victims-of-fraud.pdf

Download or listen to MP3 audio file: AIPI-webinar-14-FEB-2018.mp3



SA 2017

South Australia 2017

SA Chapter 5th Professional Development Seminar (12 October 2017)




Regulatory litigation – Royal Commissions and Inquiries
(PDF) – Howard Rapke and Roxanne Burd (Holding Redlich) from AIPI Victorian Chapter Meeting (28/03/18)

AIPI Presentation: 26 September 2017 Jim Cook, ANZ & Malwarebytes
(PDF) Understanding the depth of the Ransomware problem in Small and Mid-sized business in Australia – Jim Cook, ANZ & Malwarebytes

AIPI Presentation 19 August 2016 Scott Mellis AFP
(PDF) Cybercrime Operations – Federal Agent Scott Mellis

AIPI Presentation 27 July 2016 Shane Kirne Commonwealth DPP
(PDF) Reducing Timeframes and Incentivising Self Reporting – Shane Kirne