12 stories this week:


Landmark laws to keep children safe, stop racial hate and protect democracy online published – 12 May 2021
New internet laws will be published in the draft Online Safety Bill to protect children online and tackle some of the worst abuses on social media, including racist hate crimes.


Scammers Target NSW Citizens In Re-Emerging Remote Access Scam – 12 May 2021

A re-emerging Remote Access Scam in NSW has scammers pretending to be from financial institutions or well-known companies. They access recipient’s devices remotely, using excuses that the device isn’t functioning properly, has a virus or is sending out error messages that ‘need be fixed’. Scammers will then try to talk you into buying software or services to ‘fix’ the device, and often will ask for personal details including bank and credit card details.


WA Health denies whistleblower hotel quarantine guard’s claims as Premier defends ‘not perfect’ system – 12 May 2021
The anonymous security whistleblower, was employed by a subcontractor at the Intercontinental hotel for three months until November 2020, saying the stress of working in such an unhygenic environment that wouldn’t provide masks or sanister drove him to quit.


Sydney lawyer accused of alleged cryptocurrency scam – 13 May 2021
A Sydney-based solicitor has fronted court after being accused of playing a role in a $2.3 million cryptocurrency scam. He is alleged to have been involved in a scam in which four men, deposited $2.3 million into various bank accounts. Police have alleged that the accounts were all linked to a Sydney-based solicitor, who was paid by an international criminal syndicate.


Scams circulating Eastern District – 13 May 2021
People need to exercise caution when buying goods online, particularly items listed for sale on social media. Offenders have been known to create fake profiles in order to sell items and then block buyers shortly after. https://www.miragenews.com/scams-circulating-eastern-district-559189/


The ‘David and Goliath’ battle behind Telstra’s huge ACCC fine over its treatment of Indigenous customers – 14 May 2021
Telstra has been slapped with a $50 million fine after it was found that Indigenous customers were being pushed into phone plans they couldn’t afford, only to be hit with huge bills and in many cases, chased by debt collectors.


ASIC issues warnings on investment scams – 14 May 2021
ASIC has identified several ongoing investment scams including duping consumers into establishing self-managed super funds, and advertisements for crypto-asset and contracts for difference, disguised as fake news articles.


Make-up artist Olivia Rodgers gave multiple reasons as to why she stole $65,000 from former employer, court hears – 15 May 2021
Olivia Rose Rodgers has admitted to stealing $65,000 from Bupa Health Insurance. The court heard the 31-year-old made multiple false insurance claims on behalf of family and friends, but she was the sole beneficiary of the money.


Macquarie magic: How a consultant turned $3000 into $80 million in Nuix float – 19 May 2021
Gaps in the records of tech company Nuix have raised questions about former finance professor Anthony Castagna’s $3000 investment, which he turned into an $80 million windfall. The company may have failed to record Dr Castagna’s $3000 options package that he cashed out for $80 million, when Nuix listed on the sharemarket last December. It also raises questions about whether the company backdated the options.


Police charge woman over $250,000 fraud of not-for-profit treatment centre – 20 May 2021
A woman will face court next month charged by Inner West detectives after she allegedly defrauded a not-for-profit treatment centre of almost $250,000. It is alleged that fraudulent expense forms had been submitted for a patient who had passed away and were allegedly paid into an employee’s bank account.


Warrant issued for conman Peter Foster – 20 May 2021
Serial conman Peter Foster is the subject of an arrest warrant in Queensland after prosecutors in Sydney dropped more than a dozen charges over an alleged multi-million-dollar Bitcoin scam.


Smishing: The new scam fleecing Aussie victims of thousands – 20 May 2021
Australians are being inundated by a new form of scam whereby victims are sent text messages asking for them to share personal details which are then on-sold. The scam involves cyber criminals impersonating legitimate organisations such as banks or delivery companies and request mobile phone users to click a link.