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Second developer flew 82 tonnes of medical supplies to China – 26 March 2020

82 tonnes of medical supplies flown to Wuhan, China by the company Risland.  All employees, were asked to source whatever medical supplies they could leaving Australia now with severe shortages. The Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton is working on a plan to crack down on hoarders who are profiteering out of COVID-19 as well as giving authorities more powers to be able to seize items at the border including medical supplies.

The technology that sent a million to Chinese internment camps is being used here – 20 March 2020

The Australian federal government has plans to roll out an all-pervasive system that will have the ability to link CCTV cameras nationwide with all citizens’ ID photos. Trials to date across the country have shown identification inaccuracies. Civil liberty groups claim there has been no ‘public’ consultation.

Israel enables spy power to track people suspected of having coronavirus – 18 March 2020

The Israeli Government has approved emergency measures for its security service to use mobile phone surveillance technology to track data of people to help curb the spread of coronavirus. Anyone in jeopardy would then be notified by text message to self-quarantine. Civil rights groups have criticised the decision as it raises serious privacy issues.

Shakedowns, blackmail and scams: Fraudsters quick to exploit soft spots in cashless economy – 14 March 2020

Detective Inspector Bowd who leads a 50-strong fraud squad, states that he is running about 40 jobs at any one time. These include drug shakedowns, blackmail & sabotage threats. He tells how crooks have moved from robbing banks to serious organised scams. He also explains how evidence gathering has changed from using court exhibits to using electronic briefs.

NAB fraud suspect faces trial over $26.7m – 12 March 2020

Helen Mary Rosamond was committed to stand trial in the District Court in April on 74 fraud and dishonesty charges with an alleged total value of $26.7 million. She was charged alongside Rosemary Rogers, the former chief-of-staff to ex-NAB chief executive Andrew Thorburn, over the alleged fraud scheme which totalled $40 million.

Mildura flying school allegedly funded with embezzled Chinese loans – 7 March 2020

A Chinese businessman linked to a company embroiled in complex fraud allegations, has invested millions into a pilot training academy in Mildura.  Concerns are raised that Local councils and state and federal governments should be doing more due diligence, when investors promise to deliver economic windfalls in their communities.

Company ‘never existed’: Former ad agency contractor charged over $1 million fraud – 4 March 2020

Jillian Lynch, a former financial director of a national advertising agency has faced a Sydney court after she allegedly transferred almost $1 million into her own bank accounts. In her role as financial director, police allege she improperly handled payroll, accounts and superannuation for employees and contractors.

Australian police are using the Clearview AI facial recognition system with no accountability – 7 March 2020

Australian police agencies are reportedly using  Clearview AI, a private, unaccountable facial recognition service that combines machine learning and wide-ranging data-gathering practices, to identify members of the public from online photographs. The system raises concerns over system’s privacy implications and the legality of the web-scraping used to build the database.