Investigative Reading Material

Nasdaq 2024  Financial Crime Report

Download PDF (January 2024)

NSW ICAC Internal Investigation Guide (April 2022) 

NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption

Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre


Hidden in plain sight: Perceptions and experiences of corruption in New South Wales local government (2020)
This thesis explores the relationship between perceptions and experiences of corruption within local government entities (councils) in New South Wales (NSW) from a social policy perspective.

Psychology of Embezzlement by Dr David Curnow (2020)
Using recent research and case studies, this book offers an evidence-based insight into the embezzler’s mindset as they commit crimes that are costing nations, organisations and individuals increasingly more each year.

Counter Fraud Investment Cases leading Practice Guide (November 2020)
This guide, developed in collaboration with Deloitte, provides Australian Government officials with practical steps for developing counter fraud investment cases.

New ISO Whistleblowing Guidelines: Implications for Australian and global business (August 2021)
It has been just over two years since changes to private sector whistleblowing laws came into force. Many businesses have significantly revamped their whistleblowing policies and processes to take account of those changes, and ASIC’s Regulatory Guide 270 on whistleblowing policies, and are now looking at what learnings have emerged to date. This briefing outlines some key observations on the guidelines.

Australia: An Increasingly Global Approach (October 2021)
This article considers the major Australian government investigative, law enforcement, and regulatory agencies involved in domestic and transnational investigations, with a particular focus on their increasing need to adopt a global approach to adequately protect Australians from criminal threats, both local and international.