Membership Fees

A summary of the fees for AIPI Membership.



When applying for AIPI Membership, the following fees (incl. GST) will apply:

Application Fees

$50.00, non-refundable application fee, which will be invoiced and must be paid prior to the application being processed.

Annual subscriptions

$200.00 payable in advance on 1 July each year for Member, Investigation Firm Member, Associate Fellow and Fellow membership categories.  

$90.00 payable in advance on 1 July each year for Associate, Student and Retired membership. 

Discount Available for Group Applications

A 20% yearly discount applies to individuals who are from the same company where 5 or more employees have joined.

Important notes:

Members joining during the course of a financial year will be charged a pro rata rate based on the quarter in which they join in their initial year.

No GST is applicable to application or membership fees.  Payment may be made by BPay, Australia Post Offices, MasterCard/VISA or by cheque made out to AIPI Limited.