Our Aims & Objectives

The AIPI was established to provide its members with a professional organisation which could develop an awareness among stakeholders and increase the education and service delivery standards of professional investigators.



Our aims and objectives are:


  • Develop and promote the AIPI as the premier organisation of professional investigators in Australasia through government and private sector organisations.
  • Establish a standard of professional conduct incorporated in a code of ethics and ensure members abide by that code of ethics;
  • Promote prevention and awareness of fraud.
  • Accredit the specialist skills of AIPI members.
  • Promote and assist in the professional development of AIPI members and Associates.
  • Develop, implement and facilitate compliance with the partnership arrangements with law enforcement and regulatory agencies.
  • Take remedial and disciplinary action against members and associates where appropriate.
  • Cooperate with educational institutions and other organisations in developing recognised standards of investigative practice.
  • Foster relationships between the AIPI and other bodies with similar aims in order to discuss matters or exchange information of common interest or concern.
  • Provide a united response to public debate on issues affecting the investigative profession.
  • Foster fellowship, and establish standards of professionalism within the Institute by organising conferences and seminars, and providing lectures on topics concerning the industry.
  • Provide a membership database for the benefit of Institute members.