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Overview of the application process

The application process will ask you to provide the following details:

  • Personal particulars
  • Employment (present and past)
  • Educational history
  • References

The online application process will take approximately 20 minutes to complete (assuming you have all information on hand).   If you progressively save your application, you can recommence my application at any time.  

Following completion of your application, you will receive a confirmation email and a second email attaching an invoice for your Application and Membership Fee.   Upon receipt of the fees, the application will be submitted to the Membership Committee of the relevant chapter.  If your application is successful, a Membership Pack will be forwarded to you and the Chapter Secretary will be in contact to advise of the next meeting of the chapter.

Please Note: The AIPI has a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirement for all members of AIPI (except for Retired Members). The minimum number of hours for CPE is 12 every financial year, which can be achieved from attendance at AIPI meetings, webinars, conferences relating to investigations, training courses, papers, investigative news articles etc. As part of AIPI membership requirements, we expect members to keep a formal record of CPE hours and type of CPE achieved.  This can be recorded directly within your membership record or held in a separate document. By applying to become a member you are agreeing to achieve a min of 12 hours of CPE every financial year. Approximately 10 members are randomly chosen and audited every year.

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Email and Password

To commence the application we need you to input your preferred email address and password of your choice. Your email address and password will allow you access to the members’ section of the website once you are admitted to membership.   Your email must be unique to you.   Once your email and password have been accepted, you can use them to reactivate the application process at any time.