AIPI & Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

The AIPI has a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirement for all members (except for Retired Members).  The need for CPE is driven by our objectives and in particular to:

  • develop and promote the AIPI as the premier organisation of professional investigators in Australasia through government and private sector organisations
  • accredit the specialist skills of AIPI members

After considerable analysis of the requirements of peer organisations, the National Executive has formally adopted a CPE requirement for all current members (except those in the Retired Member category).  The number of hours for CPE is 12 which can be obtained from:

  • Attendance at AIPI meetings, webinars
  • Attendance at conferences
  • Training courses both in person and online
  • Service as an AIPI Executive member
  • Readings in matters relating to investigations e.g. ACFE Fraud Magazine
  • Podcasts e.g. ABC Law Report
  • Forensic discussion groups (including those offered by professional bodies, law firms and professional services firms)
  • Delivery of training and presentations (3 hour’s preparation for each presentation hour)
  • In-house training

The above list should be considered guidance and we will rely on member’s discretion as to whether the activity meets the objective of CPE.

Recording of CPE hours

We expect members to keep a formal record of CPE hours which as a minimum will include:

  • Date
  • Number of hours
  • Type of CPE e.g. formal training, podcast, webinar
  • Description of the CPE e.g. interviewing training

We recommend the hours are recorded contemporaneously with the CPE activity to ensure accuracy. The information can be recorded directly within membership records or separately in a log.

Audit of CPE hours

The National Executive will select a number of members each year to provide details of CPE hours.  Four weeks’ notice will be provided to allow members to compile the information.
Members that do not provide the required details of CPE hours achieved will be re-audited the following year.
Please note that to retain your AIPI membership,  a minimum of 12 hours of CPE needs to be achieved every financial year.