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Established in 1995, the Australian Institute of Professional Investigators aims to be the premier organisation representing Australia’s professional investigators, throughout both government and private sector organisations

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AIPI can help find a professional investigator who can work with you to respond to a range of uncommercial situations.   If you have an issue with internal or external fraud, workplace misconduct, cyber attack, governance or internal control failure, an AIPI member can help.    Select your location and your specific needs and a list of AIPI members who can help will be generated for you.

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AIPI has a range of membership categories from ‘Student’ to ‘Fellow’ depending on current role, experience and formal qualifications. 

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Each week AIPI scans for jobs in all investigative sectors and lists them on our website.

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Latest News

Investigation & Fraud News – Week ending 20 January 2023

27 stories this week:   Trading website IBC Exchange exposed as scam after QLD man loses $80k – 23 December 2022 An Australian explains how a group of online scammers coaxed him into giving away $80,000 via a fake cryptocurrency platform called IBC...

Investigation & Fraud News – Week ending 22 December 2022

14 stories this week:   SkyCity Adelaide casino accepted bags of ‘soiled’ cash, court documents allege – 7 December 2022 Court documents reveal that cash that was dirty and appeared to have been buried, and money kept in plastic bags, was used...

Investigation & Fraud News – Week ending 2 December 2022

14 stories this week:   Did the royal commission fix banking or are banks back to behaving badly? – 26 November 2022 It has been five years since then-prime minister Malcolm Turnbull announced a royal commission into scandals and misconduct in the banking...

Investigation & Fraud News – Week ending 25 November 2022

12 stories this week:   Aussie father reveals how scammers outsmarted him and his bank – 16 November 2022 New South Wales Police believe scammers are getting smarter and consumers need to be wary. An Aussie father had $27,380 taken out of his account. The...

Upcoming Events

AIPI 2 day Conference in NSW – 16-17 March 2023

The 2023 AIPI National Conference will cover a range of emerging issues relevant to the professional investigator presented by experts in their respective fields. Topics to be covered include: bribery and corruption cybercrime whistleblowing legislation and practice...

Australian Cyber Security summit 2023 – 6 June 2023

The inaugural Cyber Security Summit offers attendees the opportunity to hear directly from cyber experts, delivering fundamental lessons to small, medium, and large businesses alike to enhance the cyber security posture. To register...

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The AIPI welcomes investigators from all backgrounds who have a common purpose of conducting ethical investigations in a professional manner for the benefit of their clients and the community.

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The AIPI serves as a central point for Professional Investigators to network and interact with their peers.


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The AIPI ensures its members are always updated on the current industry news, innovations and changes to relevant laws.


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The AIPI keeps a watch on the dynamic nature of Professional Investigation to anticipate changes to minimise impact on its members.




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