11 stories this week:


Adelaide father-of-three Joshua Luke Matheson handed five-year jail term over $500k tax fraud – 5 November 2021
Joshua Luke Matheson received more than $29,000 after filing a fraudulent tax return. He made up false employers and income to defraud the Australian Tax Office out of half a million dollars and has been jailed for five years.


Invasive surveillance: Are regulators ready to deal with Facebook’s ‘metaverse’ – 6 November 2021
As Australian lawmakers struggle to regulate social media’s misinformation, conspiracies and extremist content, they are already facing the push to make an even more invasive technology, part of everyday life. A new generation of the internet will enable the real physical world and virtual worlds to seamlessly converge. This means mass data harvesting and highly targeted advertising.


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Labor proposes anti-scam centre, calls for crackdown on social media companies profiting from fraud – 7 November 2021
In response to record fraud, the federal opposition is proposing a national anti-scam centre to combat what it calls a “scamdemic” of online and phone fraudsters. Scammers stole $851 million from Australians last year, a record amount according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.


NSW Governor Margaret Beazley ignores reporters’ questions over bullying claims – 8 November 2021
NSW Governor Margaret Beazley has ignored reporters’ questions about investigations of bullying allegations against her by an anonymous whistleblower. The person claimed Ms Beazley’s “unjustified criticism or complaints” and “constantly changing goal posts” have been leaving employees “in tears at their desks”.


Fake Gold Coast lawyer banned from running law firm, as police seek missing money – 8 November 2021
A fake Gold Coast lawyer, who allegedly lost more than $430,000 in clients’ money, has been banned from managing a legal practice and is being investigated by police.


Queensland Police warn of ‘sophisticated’ email scam after grazier loses thousands of dollars – 9 November 2021
A Queensland grazier was paying what appeared to be a legitimate business invoice, when he fell victim to a ‘very sophisticated’ email scam. Business email compromise (BEC) was the number 1 scam in Australia in 2019, with losses amassing $132 million.


Crypto criminals are blackmailing Instagram users into swindling friends – 10 November 2021
The latest crypto scam forces Instagram users to make videos directing their followers to phony get-rich-quick schemes. Scammers use a combination of social engineering, cryptocurrency, and old-fashioned blackmail.


Bank fraudster points finger at boyfriend – 10 November 2021
A bank teller behind bars over a $2.25 million fraud says her then-boyfriend, was the one who raised the potential of accessing the victim’s millions.


Government reveals plan to reform Australia’s whistleblowing laws – 11 November 2021
Assistant Attorney General Amanda Stoker, has outlined a government plan to bring public sector whistleblowing laws in line with the reformed corporate whistleblowing scheme. These changes are due to new research, showing the current scheme is failing to protect those who speak out about wrongdoing.



Remote employee surveillance is dangerous territory – 11 November 2021
Electric monitoring of home workers by companies is rising rapidly and research shows how misuse of this technology can allow employers to invade staff privacy easily, due to lack of government regulation.



Refugees from Sydney’s Tamil community targetted by social media investment scam – 12 November 2021
The ‘Hope’ Business scheme promised rapid returns on investments and commissions for signing up family and friends, before it vanished without a trace. At least 100 members of Sydney’s Tamil community have been caught up the scam.