13 stories this week:


Religious fraudster jailed for stealing $2.7m from worshipper and gambling it away at casin – 10 June 2022
Munir Muzafar Fakhrud Hassanali who defrauded a fellow member of a Perth religious community out of $2.7 million and gambled most of it away, has been sentenced to six years and nine months jail. He was found guilty of 82 fraud offences committed between June 2017 and November 2019.


Western Sydney man and woman charged over covid-19 payment fraud – 10 June 2022
Two Malaysian nationals have been charged over their alleged roles in a syndicate suspected of fraudulently claiming more than $440,000 in COVID-19 Disaster Payments. Police allege customers who had employed the online service, had provided identity documents to the ‘agents’ and some reportedly paid up to $1000 for the agents to facilitate their claims.


Prosecuting UK Corporate Fraud May Be About to Get Much Easier – 10 June 2022
New Long-awaited UK law reforms include an option, that would make it a criminal offence, for a company to fail to prevent a fraud, according to a series of proposals by the Law Commission. The laws would help boost conviction rates, by allowing authorities to target companies, that failed to put measures in place to prevent their own staff committing fraud.


Isolation. Strip-searches. Rape: Inside a Tasmanian youth detention centre – 10 June 2022
In October 2019, Alysha was hired to introduce better care to the Ashley Youth Detention Centre in Tasmania. She revealed her belief that sexual and other abuse of vulnerable children and teen detainees was systemically covered up or mishandled. Eventually, she raised her concerns with two Tasmanian premiers, as well as a commission of inquiry. To date, 32 Tasmanian public servants have been stood down pending the commission’s findings. The Ashley Youth Detention Centre is set to close in three years’ time.


Man’s $651k horror after Googling partner’s name – 11 June 2022
Luke Allen has accused his former partner of stealing his identity and racking up thousands of dollars in debt in his name. He believes credit cards and loans were taken out in his name, totalling $651,060, which Allen claims to have had no knowledge of. In a statement, Victoria Police said detectives had received a report of fraud, alleged to have been committed over a four-year period.


Queensland launches inquiry into Star’s suitability to hold a casino licence – 14 June 2022
The Queensland government will launch an inquiry into Star Entertainment’s suitability to hold a casino licence, after a NSW inquiry heard allegations that Star had potentially acted criminally. Star has also been called to give evidence at an inquiry into proposed gambling and money laundering laws in Queensland.


Melbourne company convicted after ABF investigation into illegal workers – 14 June 2022
A Melbourne company (M & G Vizzari Pty Ltd) who operates farms, has been convicted and fined following an Australian Border Force (ABF) investigation into community allegations of the use of illegal workers.


ASIC escalates investigation into Sweetman Renewables – 14 June 2022
ASIC has escalated the Nature Conservation Council’s complaint about possibly misleading and deceptive conduct by Cessnock-based energy start-up Sweetman Renewables, to a full-blown inquiry. There seemed to be numerous media articles that stated Sweetman has signed a contract with a Japanese company to supply woodchips but in fact this was not the case.


Kmart, Bunnings and The Good Guys under investigation over use of facial recognition cameras – 15 June 2022
Consumer group CHOICE is looking into the retail giants’ use of the controversial technology, which is used on customers as they enter stores. CHOICE said some survey respondents described the technology as “creepy and invasive” and “unnecessary and dangerous”.


Creating A Federal Anti-Corruption Commission: What Does It Mean For Australian Business? – 15 June 2022
One of Labor’s election policies is to introduce a National Anti-Corruption Commission. During the election campaign, Labor promised that any Commission created would be “real”, and a “powerful, transparent and independent” Commission. Article discusses the implications for business and corporate Australia.


Israeli court finds Gaza aid worker guilty of financing terrorism – 16 June 2022
Mohammad El Halabi, the former head of the US-based charity World Vision’s Gaza office, was arrested in 2016 after being accused by Israel’s Shin Bet security service of transferring tens of millions of dollars to Hamas, the Palestinian militant group in control inside the Gaza Strip. He has been held in pre-trial detention since. He has now been convicted after a six-year-long case and will be sentenced.


Peter Foster faces court on the Gold Coast, slams fraud-related charges as ‘bogus’ – 17 June 2022
Peter Foster has faced Southport Magistrates Court over fraud-related charges. He is accused of defrauding a Hong Kong pilot of Bitcoin, valued at about $2 million, in 2019 and 2020.


Guy Sebastian had ‘barrow to push’ against former manager accused of embezzling $800,000, court told – 17 June 2022
Mr Day, Guy Sebastians former manager has pleaded not guilty in the NSW District Court to 50 charges over the alleged embezzlement of nearly $900,000 from Sebastian, who he managed for a decade. These were for royalties and performance feels. The Judge directed jurors to find Mr Day not guilty of three embezzlement counts, however, 47 remained.