12 stories this week:


Five face possible tax fraud charges and 40,000 under investigation – 14 July 2022
The Australian Taxation Office has executed more raids this week as part of a “zero tolerance” crackdown on GST tax fraud. Five suspected Sydney fraudsters could now face charges, and another 40,000 individuals are under investigation, suspected of inventing fake businesses to claim false refunds.


Crime commission says NSW poker machine laws may increase money laundering risks – 14 July 2022
A proposal from the NSW Crime Commission has indicated that some of the state’s gambling laws have increased the risk of money laundering through poker machines, as well as lowering club credit limits “significantly.”


Preventing Financial Fraud in Accounts Payable – 15 July 2022
Cybercriminals have realised humans are the weakest link in security and are using social engineering techniques, to trick accounts payable teams into assisting in fraud, without even knowing it. An excellent article providing links to Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Centre’s guide and tips and processes that companies should implement in their Accounts Payable department.


Private drone use needs federal safety, privacy laws – 15 July 2022
Private drone use is not covered by specific regulations and there is no consistency in laws across states. Use of drones are open to privacy issues, nuisance claims, and surveillance and stalking. Article says Legal framework should include third party liability, owner registration & mandatory flight log.


Australia a honeypot for Indian student visa fraudsters – 18 July 2022
After the government removed limitations on students’ work hours in any industry early in 2022 to help businesses crippled by skills, there was an increase in visa fraud and falling education standards.


COVID-19 lockdowns see rise in bank and credit-card fraud as more people work and shop from home – 18 July 2022
Australian Banking Association chief executive Anna Bligh, says card fraud remains a serious problem in Australia. Almost 7 per cent of the adult population or 1.4 million Australians experienced card fraud in 2020-21. Fraud on bank and credit-card transactions also rose 9.2pc to $490 million over the 2020-21 financial year.


Former investment scheme operator faces 50 fraud charges – 20 July 2022
Perth businessman Chris Marco, has been criminally charged after being accused by the corporate regulator, of a large-scale fraud that led to investors losing millions, in an unlicensed managed investor scheme.


Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews apologises after IBAC investigation finds ‘extensive misconduct’ by Labor MPs – 20 July 2022
Operation Watts was a joint probe between the Victorian Ombudsman and the state’s anti-corruption watchdog. The investigation was prompted by 2020 reports detailing allegations of branch stacking – a process used to recruit party members by paying for their membership. The report has 21 recommendations to address ongoing corruption risks.


Regulator’s three-pronged plan for tackling national scam threat – 20 July 2022
ACCC boss Gina Cass-Gottlieb has outlined her favoured approach for reducing the cost that scammers put upon Australians, with a focus on better collaboration between government, consumer groups and the private sector. She also believes the true figure for scam losses incurred in 2021 was $2 billion.


The growing WhatsApp scam that has cost Aussies $2.3m in 2022 – 21 July 2022
Mother loses $4,500 in a sophisticated text message scam from someone pretending to be her daughter: ‘Everyone’s just got to be so careful’

A convincing WhatsApp scam where criminals pretend to be the recipient’s son or daughter has cost Aussies a whopping $2.3 million so far this year.



What do TikTok, Bunnings, eBay and Netflix have in common? They’re all hyper-collectors using mass surveillance – 21 July 2022
An electronic scan of your face is taken and stored by many Australian retail chains. This new phenomenon – “hyper-collection” – represents a growing trend by large companies to collect, sort, analyse and use more information than they need, usually in covert or passive ways. In many cases, hyper-collection is not supported by a truly legitimate commercial or legal purpose. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-07-21/faceprint-mass-surveillance-data-collection-privacy/101254838



Mustang in bank’s sights as Tesoriero’s gift to girlfriend queried – 21 July 2022
Westpac’s lawyers have been reviewing assets and income disclosed by business partners of Bill Papas, who allegedly orchestrated the $500 million fraud. The disclosures of Vincenzo “Vince” Tesoriero, who the bank alleges was in on the scheme or ought to have known about the $500 million fraud, have become increasingly important. https://www.watoday.com.au/national/mustang-in-bank-s-sights-as-tesoriero-s-gift-to-girlfriend-queried-20220720-p5b38i.html


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