10 stories this week:


Phishing fraudsters used SIM box to fleece hundreds of victims, police allege – 11 August 2022
An alleged fraud syndicate operating out of homes in Sydney’s northern suburbs used a SIM box to send hundreds of thousands of automated text messages, containing links to fake banking and telecommunication websites, where victims were prompted to enter their details. Police have worked with CBA, NAB and Telstra to identify victims.


INTERPOL launches global awareness campaign to highlight the use of money mules; Executive Director warns moving money for someone else is ‘risky business’ – 11 August 2022
Interpol has launched a new awareness campaign that aims to urge individuals not to become money mules. The campaign reminds people that they are responsible for keeping their own bank accounts safe and that moving money on behalf of others could land them in trouble. It also covers how the industry works, the risks associated and how to avoid becoming a money mule.


Whistleblower protection overhaul needed in Queensland to prevent next Fitzgerald inquiry, experts say – 12 August 2022
Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has agreed to the recommendations of three high-profile inquiries that have called for a review of whistleblower protections. But the premier is yet to provide any details about who will lead it and what, specifically, they will be tasked with examining. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2022/aug/12/whistleblower-protection-overhaul-needed-in-queensland-to-prevent-next-fitzgerald-inquiry-experts-say


Whistleblower lawsuit alleges financial misconduct and dubious expenditures inside Hillsong Church – 12 August 2022
Natalie Moses is suing Hillsong for contravening the Fair Work Act, claiming it breached its own whistleblower policy, by preventing her from raising serious complaints about the church’s financial operations.


New legislation targeting the use of cryptocurrency and digital assets in organised crime introduced in Parliament – 12 August 2022
The Major Crime and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 (Bill) was introduced in the lower house of the Victorian Parliament earlier this month. Some of these reforms are specifically targeted towards the gathering of evidence relating to, and seizure of, digital assets, such as cryptocurrency, used in the commission of offences. The Bill will amend and insert new provisions into the Confiscation Act 1997 (Vic) (Confiscation Act) to strengthen police powers.


SDA seeks $250m compensation from McDonald’s operators who allegedly denied paid breaks to Australian worker – 12 August 2022
The Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association (SDA) is seeking compensation on behalf of more than 250,000 current and former McDonald’s workers across Australia. McDonald’s workers have alleged that they were denied 10-minute breaks that they were entitled to.


NDIS taskforce to hunt down organised crime groups ‘robbing’ billions from disability clients – 15 August 2022
A police taskforce to hunt down organised crime groups exploiting the National Disability Insurance Scheme will be established by the government in coming weeks. NDIS anti-fraud teams have recovered a small portion of the alleged billions that have been defrauded from the scheme, charging 18 people since 2020 with a total of about $14 million in alleged fraud.


Drivers warned about toll road text scam as Aussies lose record amount – 17 August 2022
An SMS phishing scam targeting drivers who have toll accounts, has lead to a Gold Coast woman being scammed out of $4,000.


Melbourne mum scammed out of $200,000 after $210 deposit appeared on bank account – 17 August 2022
According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), more than $2 billion was robbed from people last year through scams. This mum had a curious deposit in her account and after receiving a phone call and returning the money, large deposits were withdrawn from her account.


Trump Organization executive Allen Weisselberg pleads guilty to tax evasion – 19 August 2022
Donald Trump’s long time lieutenant has pleaded guilty to tax evasion but due to a deal with prosecutors, he is unlikely to serve more than 100 days in prison. He pleaded guilty to 15 counts, including tax fraud and larceny.