11 stories this week:


Serial fraudster jailed for $8.7m luxury car scam using stolen IDs – 12 May 2023
A serial fraudster has been jailed for five-and-a-half years after he ran over a police officer to avoid capture, for stealing more than $8.7m in a swindle involving luxury cars and stolen identities. Ryan O’Hara, also known as Christian Nassar, pleaded guilty to 19 fraud charges related to his staggering scam. He made 90 successful applications for fraudulent financial loans totalling more than $8.7m between 2015 and 2019 and assumed the identities of 147 “unknowing people in the community” to apply for the large motor vehicle loans.


Glamorous daughter of Sydney developer fronts court over alleged $150m fraud – 15 May 2023
Ashlyn Nassif, the lawyer daughter of embattled property developer Jean Nassif has fronted court as she faces allegations she used fraudulent contracts to get a $150m loan. She was arrested earlier this year following a police raid on four properties, including the offices of her law firm EA Legal, and charged with dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception and publishing false or misleading material. The 27-year-old is accused of submitting fake contracts to meet a $10.5m pre-sale condition for the Sky View apartments in Castle Hill in Sydney’s northwest.


Australian cybercrime expert Ken Gamble lands billion-dollar Malasyia bust – 15 May 2023
NSW-based investigator Ken Gamble stated that after three years, investigators had finally cracked the elaborate boiler room scam, which used high-intensity sales tactics through call centres to persuade investors to buy shares in fake companies.


National anti-scams centre set to open in July, as Australians lose billions to fraudsters – 15 May 2023
A national anti-scams centre is being established to help combat scams and online fraud, after Australians reported losing billions of dollars to fraudsters last year. The new initiative will change the way scams are dealt with by: facilitating faster responses to scam reports, establishing “fusion shells” – described as a “hit squad” of experts from industry and law enforcement to act on scam trends; and introducing a “white list” of approved phone numbers, with SMS messages will be blocked unless they’re from an authorised agency.


WA department at Centre of ‘record public sector fraud’ rocked by new claims – 16 May 2023
WA’s Department of Communities is at the centre of controversy, following an investigation into alleged corruption between contractors and employees at the state body. Two men are facing corruption charges after a WA government employee allegedly awarded a contractor millions of dollars of work in exchange for cash and a luxury car.


Australian banks announce new scam-busting tool to safeguard your money – 17 May 2023
The new Fraud Reporting Exchange (FRX) platform is set to be a total game changer for combating scams and protecting customer finances. The Australian Banking Association (ABA) announced the new platform which will allow the “reporting of scam payments in close to real-time, boosting the likelihood that funds can be frozen and returned to customers.”



Westpac bans transfers to world’s largest crypto exchange Binance – 18 May 2023
Westpac, one of Australia’s ‘Big Four’ banks, is launching its first trial of scam protection measures designed to combat fraudulent activities related to cryptocurrencies. The protection measures aim to mitigate losses from scams and reduce potential risks. It has banned customers from transferring funds to the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance, in a move aimed at reducing losses from scams.


Bitumen ‘con men’ targeting regional Australia leaving victims with shoddy work, big bills – 18 May 2023
Rural and regional residents are being warned of a bitumen driveway resurfacing scam whereby con men believed to be travelling across Australia are promising cheap concrete and bitumen work and delivering a poor and incomplete product.