ACT Integrity Commission investigating suspected corrupt conduct of Walter Sofronoff, who chaired an inquiry into Bruce Lehrmann’s prosecution – 13 May 2024
The ACT Integrity Commission has announced an investigation into the conduct of Walter Sofronoff KC during an inquiry into the prosecution of Bruce Lehrmann.
The commissioner says he suspects “on reasonable grounds” that Mr Sofronoff’s conduct may constitute corruption. The allegations stem from Mr Sofronoff’s release of his final report to two journalists before its release to the public.

AAT Confirms Permanent Ban for Ex-NSW Adviser
The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) has upheld ASIC’s decision to permanently ban Sean John Sweeney from providing any financial services, performing any function involved in the carrying on of a financial services business, and controlling an entity that carries on a financial services business. Financial advisers must act with honesty and integrity in their dealings with clients.

ATO’s Serious Financial Crime Taskforce receives training to combat crypto crime – 13 May 2024
More than 50 members of Australia’s Serious Financial Crime Taskforce (SFCT) have received crypto asset investigation training from specialists across five leading jurisdictions of global tax enforcement.
The ATO brought together its partners under the Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement (J5) to give its SFCT an opportunity to explore real-world case studies and emerging technologies to support the identification, investigation and prosecution of cyber targets related to tax crime and money laundering.

Mortgage lender Firstmac suffers cyberattack, customer data including driver’s license numbers and banking details leaked – 14 May 2024
Mortgage lender Firstmac has been subject to a cyber attack where customer data, including banking details and driver’s license numbers, were exposed. The company said it had conducted a “comprehensive review of impacted files” and was notifying affected customers directly.

Australia: Whistleblower jailed for nearly six years for media leaks – 16 May 2024
The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Supreme Court has delivered a 68-month sentence to former military lawyer and whistleblower David McBride for his leaking of classified military information to the ABC. The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) joins its Australian affiliate, the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA), in condemning McBride’s sentencing and its alarming impact on public interest journalism, highlighting the urgent need for whistleblower protection reform.

How South-East Asia’s pig butchering scammers are using artificial intelligence technology – 16 May 2024
Real-time deepfake face-swapping systems are reportedly being employed by South-East Asian crime syndicates in so-called “pig butchering” cyberscam operations. Experts say the technology and other new artificial intelligence (AI) tools – such as generative AI chatbots – are increasing the effectiveness of the scams and broadening their reach to new victims.

AI ‘explosion’ will see up to $34.7BN spent on AML this year – 16 May 2024
A Financial crime and compliance expert has told how the “explosion” of AI will see $34.7bn potentially spent on Anti Money Laundering this year that this will increase by 5.7% by 2028, to $43.7BN. AI has caused an “even bigger impact” on financial crime compliance, than in society at large, Ms Simmons told the European Anti-Financial Crime Summit.

NSW police allege Ulises Dávila, Kearyn Baccus and Clayton Lewis were involved in a scheme ‘for yellow cards to occur during certain games’ in late 2023 – 17 May 2024
Three A-League players have been charged and a fourth could be extradited following a NSW Police investigation into alleged “yellow card manipulation” in matches this season. A six-month investigation found a senior player was allegedly instructed by a man believed to be in South America to “organise for yellow cards to occur during certain games in exchange for profit”.It is alleged the players manipulated the number of yellow cards during games on November 24 and December 9.

Australian College of Nursing executives sacked after investigation finds alleged ‘financial irregularities’ – 17 May 2024
The CEO and an executive of the Australian College of Nursing have been sacked following an investigation into alleged “financial irregularities” at the organisation. The ACN’s board says it will work to reinforce a “culture of accountability and transparency” at the college.