UK tech tycoon Lynch cleared of HP fraud charges in $16.5b deal – 7 June 2024
UK tech tycoon Mike Lynch was found not guilty of criminal charges that he pulled off Silicon Valley’s biggest-ever fraud 13 years ago by duping Hewlett Packard into buying his software start-up for $US11 billion ($16.5 billion). His victory is stunning after he lost a civil trial in the UK in 2022 over allegations that he and Autonomy’s former finance chief used accounting tricks to inflate the company’s revenue ahead of its 2011 sale.

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AFP officer’s home raided in anti-corruption investigation – 8 June 2024
Anti-corruption investigators have raided the home of a high-ranking Australian Federal Police officer. The respected federal police veteran was suspended after internal affairs officers searched his Canberra home. Official sources, speaking anonymously to discuss confidential information, said the raid was prompted by allegations linked to a conflict of interest involving procurement decisions.

Public Transport Victoria confirms scammers are exploiting unregistered myki cards to get refunds – 8 June 2024
Public Transport Victoria has confirmed scammers are using an exploit to steal money from myki cards. Scammers are targeting unregistered myki cards, rerouting refunds to their own bank accounts. The Public Transport Users Association has advised commuters to register their cards to prevent fraud.

Inside a scam operation as a cybercrime unfolds – 8 June 2024
Jim Browning is a “scam-baiter”. He monitors, undetected, scammers operating in real-time, then turns the tables on them. Once Browning gains access to the scammers’ computers — sometimes with the help of an insider — he can see everything the scammers are doing, including how they interact with their victims all over the world.

The tax office brawl that almost ended investigation of PwC scandal – 9 June 2024
The Senate committee that uncovered the PwC tax scandal is due to release its final report, but it will not end the fallout that has already torn the consulting firm in two and sent shockwaves throughout the entire industry.
The tax office now faces fresh scrutiny over allegations it actively attempted to derail the investigation that led to former PwC partner Peter Collins being banned in 2022 for sharing sensitive government tax plans with other partners and potential clients.

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Scam, sleep and scam again. Inside the scam facility behind those annoying text messages – 11 June 2024
This article explains how a Dubai Scam pig butchering syndicate was uncovered following the chance meeting of an Australian divorcee, a private detective, a YouTube scam-baiter and one of the scammers himself, who worked from the inside to take the operation down.

Big Four consulting firms ‘operating in the shadows for too long’ as Senate committee demands new rules for government contracts – 12 June 2024
A Senate committee is calling on PwC to disclose the “names and positions” of the staff involved in its controversial tax leaks scandal. It also said new clauses were needed in government contracts that explicitly require consulting firms to act in the public interest when they provide services to government. The requests form part of 12 recommendations from a final report by a federal parliamentary committee that has investigated the federal government’s use of private consulting services.

Identity fraud victim Ilker fears for his safety after hit-run committed in car hired under his name – 12 June 2024
An identity theft victim is struggling to get answers after his stolen licence was linked to a hit-and-run. The Melbourne man says he is trapped in a bureaucratic nightmare between Victoria Police and VicRoads. He is calling on authorities to provide better support and information to victims.

Medibank to be sued by privacy regulator over cyber hack – 11 June 2024
The Information Commissioner is suing Medibank over one of the largest-ever breaches of Australian customer’s data. It started in 2022, when the private health insurer was exposed to a cyber-attack. The personal details of 9.7 million customers were released on the dark web. While victims are still reeling from this attack, Medibank itself could now face the consequences.

The wild life of counterfeiter and con artist Robert Baudin – 13 June 2024
Article tells the story of Robert Budin. Baudin was born in the United States. He started counterfeiting during the depression and World War II, after the war he “made” US$2,000,000 and eventually moved to Australia. He served a jail sentence in Australia for printing of currency.

Ex-ANZ bank teller Mary Mercedes Lea’aetoa jailed for stealing $56k from Carnarvon pensioner – 13 June 2024
Former ANZ worker in Carnarvon has been jailed for forgery and theft. Mary Mercedes Lea’aetoa stole more than $56,000 from a pensioner by forging her signature. She will be eligible for parole next year.

Independent inquiry launched into NACC decision not to probe Robodebt referrals – 13 June 2024
Nearly 900 complaints have been made about the National Anti-Corruption Commission’s decision to not launch a fresh investigation into the robodebt scandal. The Inspector of the National Anti-Corruption Commission will start its own inquiry into that decision, given many of those complaints allege corrupt conduct or maladministration by the NACC itself. Ms Furness said she will make the findings of her inquiry public in due course.

Anti-corruption watchdog drops potential probe into Tourism Australia travel scandal – 13 June 2024
The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has confirmed it will not launch an investigation into three staff at Tourism Australia who were sacked for charging the organisation for personal travel. The federal opposition is demanding Tourism Australia be forthcoming with details about the incident, now that it is not bound to secrecy with a looming NACC inquiry.

Townsville woman charged with allegedly defrauding Far North Qld business more than $2.5 million – 14 June 2024
A 50-year-old woman is accused of defrauding a company of more than $2.5 million. The alleged crimes were uncovered after the business owner reported suspicious financial activity to police last year. Police have charged the woman with about 120 fraud related offences and she’s due to appear in court in August.