Four people facing 192 property laundering charges over shipping container & investment fraud scams – 29 June 2024
A group of alleged scammers are facing almost 200 charges, accused of running a sophisticated property laundering syndicate that swindled millions of dollars from victims across Australia.

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Are your neighbours allowed to use surveillance cameras? – 29 June 2024
When it comes to surveillance devices, people now have access to video, sound, night vision and infrared, and the laws are spotty across Australia. In each state and territory, there are different definitions of what a surveillance device is, where you can use one, and when using one amounts to a crime. But even if your neighbour’s camera is not technically illegal, you might still have a course of action with the common law of nuisance.

Scammers posing as ‘investment experts’ are spending weeks on the phone with their victims – 1 July 2024
Scams aren’t always “hit-and-run” incidents, with fraudsters now spending long periods communicating with their victims. A 2024 report shows that investment scams are the biggest concern, accounting for Australians losing over $1.3 billion in 2023. A cybersecurity professor says addressing digital literacy amongst the elderly and their support networks is essential.

Major bank raises alarm bell on cyber ‘warfare’: Claims ‘entire community is at risk’ – 1 July 2024
The NAB says the big four banks are under constant cyber attack, labelling it “asymmetrical warfare”. Overseas malicious actors in countries where it is difficult to be extradited are incentivised to target Australian banks. There are practical steps financial services customers can take to limit their risk of being hurt by a cyber attack or scam.

Officer Charged for Financial Fraud, Victoria Police Reports – 2 July 2024
A leading senior constable from north-west metro region has been charged following an internal investigation. The male officer has been charged with 18 counts of obtain financial advantage by deception.

Facebook hay scam targets Tasmanian farmers battling dry conditions as person charged over alleged fraudulent activity – 3 July 2024
A hay scam has been doing the rounds in Tasmania, using social media to exploit people who are desperate for feed for their animals. Farmers are reporting paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for hay that never arrived. People wanting to feed their animals are being urged to be vigilant about who they buy from.

Pinkerton acquires Verificat Investigations – 3 July 2024
Pinkerton, a global provider of comprehensive risk management services and solutions, announced today the acquisition of Verifact Investigations, an Australian company specialising in investigations with operations across the country. This strategic acquisition will allow Pinkerton to expand services to new clients across Australia and bolster its investigative capabilities.

ASIC slammed for letting white collar crime run rampant, calls for major overhaul – 4 July 2024
According to a scathing new report tabled in parliament Australia’s corporate regulator should be overhauled and split in half and into 2 sections. One section should be focused on companies and the other on financial services enforcement. The report states that in its current state, it has failed to protect the public from white-collar criminals.

Man charged over alleged $3 million money fraud scam – 4 July 2024
Strike Force Downstream has been looking into a criminal syndicate allegedly involved in moving about $3 million of fraudulent money by purchasing untraceable commodities such as gold bullion and jewellery. A Sydney man allegedly involved in moving millions of fraudulent dollars will face court.

Thousands of frozen sperm samples to be deleted after identification bungle – 4 July 2024
An IVF clinic accused of using the wrong sperm to create children has been asked to destroy thousands of frozen semen samples because it cannot guarantee it has not mixed-up others. The Queensland government introduced legislation in June to regulate the assisted reproduction industry in the state.

Need more than a warm inner glow: Call to pay whistleblowers – 5 July 2024
Jeff Morris, who received a Medal of the Order of Australia for his actions uncovering malpractice within the Commonwealth Bank, which ultimately led to the Hayne Royal Commission, said many more whistleblowers would come forward if they received compensation for their efforts. A Senate committee this week supported the introduction of financial rewards for corporate whistleblowers if their revelations delivered significant public benefit, while those whose careers were destroyed by their actions should receive compensation.

US federal investigation into Chinese swimmers’ doping cases subpoeanas World Aquatics’ executive director to testify – 5 July 2024
World Aquatics has confirmed its executive director has been subpoenaed by the US government to testify in an investigation into doping cases of 23 Chinese swimmers. The swimmers tested positive for trimetazidine in January 2021, but WADA accepted that traces of the substance were found in the kitchen at the team’s hotel. The Paris Olympics, which begin on July 26, will see 11 of the swimmers who tested positive in 2021 set to compete.