14 stories this week:


What is the Internet of Things? – 13 March 2021
Article describes how IoT (Internet of things) technologies can be misused and risks include security and privacy issues, cybercrime, surveillance at work, home or in public spaces and control of mobility and expression. The Forum’s State of the Connected World report identifies a ‘governance gap’ that needs to be closed between the potential risks and society’s efforts to safeguard against them through laws, industry standards and self-governance approaches. Industry leaders will come together from April 6-7 for the World Economic Forum’s Global Technology Governance Summit, which is dedicated to ensuring the responsible design and deployment of emerging technologies through public-private collaboration.


Scam alert: Livestock producers urged to check invoices – 1 April 2021
LIVESTOCK producers are being stung for hundreds of thousands of dollars by sophisticated scammers issuing bogus emails and invoices. It is understood that if money is placed in the fake bank account, it is immediately redistributed to a large number of other bank accounts making recovery of the money virtually impossible.


Bitcoin scam app on Apple’s App Store dupes user into forking over $600,000 – 1 April 2021
A fake Bitcoin app launched on the App Store, tricked iPhone user Phillipe Christodoulou into downloading it. After logging in, he immediately lost 17.1 Bitcoin, worth over $600,000 at the time. The fake Bitcoin app raises concerns over Apple’s App Store security.


Australians flagged in Shanghai security files which shed light on China’s surveillance state and monitoring of Uyghurs – 1 April 2021
The identities of 161 Australian citizens – including a former intelligence chief, government officials and business leaders – have been exposed in a hacked Shanghai security database which reveals the inner workings of China’s surveillance state. The leaked files shed light on authorities’ monitoring of thousands of Uyghurs labelled as “suspected terrorists”, some as young as five.


Calls for urgent integrity review of public transport amid IBAC probe – 3 April 2021
A former counsel assisting NSW’s anti-corruption watchdog has joined the Victorian opposition in calling for an urgent, wide-ranging audit of Victoria’s public transport contracts, in the wake of allegations of serious corruption on Melbourne’s railways. It is claimed that Transclean boss George Haritos and former Metro Trains manager Peter Bollas plotted to sabotage trials of a new cleaning product during COVID-19 because it would have lowered Transclean’s hours and the company’s revenue.


‘Very real chance’ Donald Trump will go to jail amid escalating legal woes
In addition to being the defendant in 29 lawsuits, according to The Washington Post, Donald is also the subject of multiple criminal investigations – including one in which lawyers had obtained access to his tax returns, after a four year fight on Mr Trump’s part to keep them secret. – 3 April 2021


Sydney man jailed for cryptocurrency money laundering – 4 April 2021
A 46-year-old Sydney man who used stolen identities to launder $43,350 in proceeds of crime through cryptocurrency accounts has been sentenced to 16 months’ imprisonment by the Sydney Central Local Court. The man used the details of identity theft victims to set up multiple online transaction accounts with a cryptocurrency provider.


Couple’s ‘lavish lifestyle’ funded by brazen Bunnings scam – Sunshine Coast Daily – 4 April 2021
A couple used proceeds ($270k) from an elaborate and brazen Bunnings scam to fund their lavish lifestyles, which included an acreage mansion in Tamborine. They purchased goods from Bunnings and using that receipt to steal identical items from dozens of stores. They also swindled friends to buy a $50,000 show horse.


Crypto exchange draws ASIC attention after users raise alarm – 6 April 2021
ASIC is assessing multiple complaints about the Melbourne-based MyCryptoWallet currency exchange, that went dark for more than a year, leaving users unable to access up to thousands of dollars in bitcoin. Australian cryptocurrency exchanges are largely unregulated, with companies only required to be registered with the financial crime watchdog AUSTRAC for anti-money laundering purposes.


Bitcoin scam sees man lose nearly half a million dollars, calling banks and exchanges to account. – 6 April 2021
The brother of a man scammed out of more than $400,000 has issued a warning to people to be more aware of bogus bitcoin traders.


The Facebook data – including phone numbers – of over seven MILLION Australians leaked online – 6 April 2021
More than seven MILLION Australians had their residential address and phone numbers leaked by Facebook hackers over the Easter long weekend. The publication of stolen personal Facebook data is expected to lead to an increase in phishing scams and online fraud – and experts say it’s ‘extremely likely’ your phone number is included if you have an account.


Australia to end sexual harassment exemption for politicians and judges amid recent scandals – 8 April 2021
Australia’s politicians and judges will no longer be exempt from the rules against workplace sexual harassment. The upcoming changes include making sexual harassment a valid reason for dismissal in workplace laws. Complainants will be given more time to come forward with their claims, with the period being extended from the current six months to two years.


Over $3.7 million stolen from this small business and put into the pokies, but clubs can keep the money – 7 April 2021
Vicki Clerke put millions of dollars she stole from her workplace into pokies. Mr Zeuschner has calculated that Clerke would have put a staggering $20 million through the poker machines at St Marys over the 17 years she was stealing money from his business. All Zeuschner has received in return from Clerke’s bankruptcy is $235,000. Clerke is now in prison.


Journalist on trial accused of blackmail – 8 April 2021
The court has heard that, a veteran Sydney journalist’s threat to expose the masterminds behind an alleged million-dollar tax fraud was done to actually blackmail them. The trial continues.