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Rich Instagram user arrested after posts reveal where money allegedly came from – 13 July 2020

Ramon Abbas, lavish lifestyle was funded by hacking schemes that stole millions of dollars from major companies in the United States and Europe. It is alleged that he led a global network that used computer intrusions, business email compromise schemes and money laundering, to steal hundreds of millions of dollars from companies. Investigators seized A$58.8 million and, 13 luxury cars worth $AU9.7 million

Google says it’s banning ads from ‘stalkerware’ services that allow people to spy on and track others – 11 July 2020

In August, Google is barring ads from “stalkerware” services that allow people to spy and track others through their phones without their consent. Ads will no longer be allowed from companies promoting GPS trackers designed to spy on people or surveillance equipment “marketed with the express purpose of spying”.

Facial recognition technology is expanding rapidly across Australia. Are our laws keeping pace? – 10 July 2020

With the spread of facial recognition technology Australia and other democratic countries, there are important questions about the legal implications of scanning, storing and sharing facial images. This is particularly important when it comes to private operators.

Fourth Plutus tax fraud conspirator sentenced to jail – 10 July 2020

Devyn Hammond has been sentenced to four years jail with two and a half years without parole, after she pleaded guilty to conspiring to cause loss to the Commonwealth and laundering almost $150million. The  fraud involved Plutus Payroll skimming pay as you go tax and GST through a network of second-tier companies headed by dummy directors over three years.

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Wirecard’s local sales process begins – 10 July 2020

An auction for scandal-plagued Wirecard’s Australian and NZ operations is set to start next week as local customers scramble to distance themselves from the group. Subscription to the Australian required to read the 2nd article

A gambler had his betting account frozen after losing millions — then another two companies came knocking – 9 July 2020

A former financial planner lost $8 million of his own and other people’s money betting on racing and sports.  AUSTRAC, states that betting agencies like Tabcorp must comply with “know your customer” provisions. That means they must properly check identification documents and have a program in place to deal with high-risk customers.

$4M Fraud alleged, charges rock Melbourne’s welfare – 7 July 2020

A prominent African community leader in Melbourne is accused of dozens of serious financial crimes, including dishonestly obtaining $4.2 million and stealing $25,300 from a company that helps troubled youths.

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Scammers Stole $634 Million From Aussies in 2019 — Here’s How to Protect Yourself – 6 July 2020

Last year, Australians reported more than A$634 million was lost to scammers, a significant jump from $489.7 million the year before. Article discuss why fraud is so successful, how social and psychological techniques are used to deceive victims and how to defend yourself from fraud.

COVID-19 (Australia): Much Has Happened on the Employment Front During COVID-19 – 2 July 2020

K&L gates international Law firm, discuss federal and state government law changes in the area of employment and workplace health and safety, during covid-19. They review issues around what makes a “casual employee”, workplace manslaughter legislation changes, wage theft bills, Sexual Harassment in the work place and more.

Fremantle Ports worker accused of fleecing millions before fleeing overseas – 30 June 2020

Western Australia’s public sector has been hit by a multimillion-dollar corruption scandal, this time involving a Fremantle Ports manager and his family. It is alleged that maintenance manager raised false invoices and shelf companies to direct the monies to his own benefit.

Witness K: Government whistleblower trial to remain secret, court rules – 28 June 2020

Former ACT Attorney-General Bernard Collaery and his former client, are charged with revealing that the Australian government engaged in the crime of bugging Timor Leste’s government building in 2004, to dishonestly obtain a financial advantage in crucial oil and gas negotiations.

The decision to keep the trial secret from the public raises serious concerns about the state of Australia’s democracy – both in terms of accountability and transparency.